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We announce following vacancies for online tutoring and home tuition. Candidate should be Masters in at least one field.

MBA/BBA Test Preparation: Skills required Mathematics, Accounting, Statistics, English ( spoken and writing skill)
Biology tutors: Should be well aware of IGCSE, Cambridge, O-level, A level biology syllabus, and should at least hold a graduate degree.
Physics tutor: Tutor should hold a degree of Bsc or Msc.
Female Home Tutor: Female tutors required for home tuition who are willing to travel to teach in different areas of Karachi and Lahore. Should be fluent in English. Background of O'level/A'level preferred.
English Language Tutors: Candidate should be fluent in English and should have excellent speaking and writing skills.

If you have skills of teaching and confident but no experience, you are welcome in Aabshar-e-ilm to work with us as an online/home teacher. We will provide you with opportunities according to your skills and experience.
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Skype id: syedfarhanjaffri 
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Best Website For Online Tutoring 

Tutorsden.weebly.com is a leading website for online tuition and online lessons for students need help in GCSE / CBSE for subjects like math, physics, chemistry, IELTS, biology, accounting, algebra and other related subjects in which students face difficulties. We have created an online education environment for students in which a student can study from home by attending live online tutoring from qualified and expert tutors from India, Pakistan, USA, UK, Canada , UAE and Australia. Finding online tutor is very easy on www.tutorsden.weebly.com. Parents just need to fill enquiry form available on our website. We are offering online tutoring which is our main foucus and our secondary focus is on arranging private home tuition in different cities of Asia and Europe. We are creating interface between students and tutors so that every student has chance to communicate with the tutors and can pay him/her directly. You just need to send contact details of yourself and the class / subjects to Tutorsden.weebly.com , we offer qualified and reliable tutors as low as 9 US $. You can take demo class of from online tutor from Dubai, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India and Pakistan. We are offering our online tutoring services to gulf countries mainly to India, Saudi Arab, USA, UK, Australia and other English speaking countries. We are also offering private home tutoring facility of Math / Physics / Chemistry / IELTS / Biology / Accounting to kids / children studying CBSE, GCSE, K-12, A level and O level in Dubai, India, Pakistan, USA, UK, Canada and Australia. We have created student area for students to contact Tutorsden.weebly.com from anywhere in the world.  We receive complete address of students in case he/she required tutor at home otherwise e-mail and phone details are enough those are forwarded to all registered Math / Physics / Chemistry / IELTS / Biology / Accounting tutors of Tutorsden.weebly.com. Complete list of qualified Math / Physics / Chemistry / IELTS / Biology / Accounting tutors is available in Math / Physics / Chemistry / IELTS / Biology / Accounting Tutors Area whose tab is present at the upper column of  website.  Math / Physics / Chemistry / IELTS / Biology / Accounting tutors also help in homework and assignments of students. Tutorsden.weebly.com is always open for suggestions, complaints and improvements regarding individual Math / Physics / Chemistry / IELTS / Biology / Accounting tutors so that quality of our service can be improved. We are best online Math / Physics / Chemistry / IELTS / Biology / Accounting tutoring and private home tutoring site for Math / Physics / Chemistry / IELTS / Biology / Accounting tutors at home in India, Pakistan, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman). 

Aabshar-e-ilm Tutoring Agency from the day of its beginning tries to provide world's best online education, we at Aabshar-e-ilm do not compromise on quality, for us teaching is not our profession but it is our passion. Aabshar-e-ilm Tutoring Agency provides quality online tuition of all subjects, activity-based learning, concept oriented curriculum, modern teaching techniques, highly experienced teacher, expert online tutors Math, Physics, Stats, Chemistry, Biology, are available 24/7 for GCSE, Edexcel, Australian, American, Canadian curriculums.

Advantages of Online Tuition: 
Flexibility of Time and Space: For the recent past online tutoring is gaining its popularity among the education circle all over the globe. There are certain reasons for this. One of the main important aspect of online tuition is the flexibility of time and space matter - there is not need both for students and teachers to stuck up at a certain place, they can take their classes at any place and also at any time depending on mutual understanding between them.

24/7 hours Service: Online Tuition at our Online Tutoring Agency is 24/7 hours service. 

The other benefits of Online Tuitions are:
Past lectures available at finger tips - Daily Class Report - Class Room at Home - Parents/Tutors Interaction - Different Tutors for Every Subjects - Visual Impact Classes - Secured Home Enviornment - Save Time and many more.

Students Support Program:
This program consists of several entities e.g.,  Past papers of different subjects and different classes, quality notes written by experienced professional teachers, professors and lecturers of highly valued educational institutes of Karachi. Details of our services, contacts, tutors' profiles, free online math and stats worksheets, free questions sheets of math, physics, stats, chemistry, biology, mcq's and many more.
Expert in online teaching Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, Economics, Accounts and other major subjects. We deal in all the major curriculums of the globe gcse, igcse, Edexcel, IB, WJEC, AQA, UK, Australian, American, Canadian, Pakistani, Indian and other major countries syllabus and curriculums.
We provide excellent and comprehensive entry test preparation, GED, GRE, SAT, IB, IELTS, TOEFL, MBA, BBA, Medical and Engineering college test preparation. 
Special emphasis is given in preparation of mathematics and statistics notes and worksheets, as mathematics is universal and more and less equal in all curriculums, therefore special attention is given and the questions chosen there can cover all the syllabus at a certain level. Similarly, for physics, chemistry and biology, notes are prepared with great care, as different curriculums differ in these subjects.

Humanities Tutor

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Generally, humanities are academic subjects that involve the study of human culture by use of critical, analytical and speculative methodologies. Such subjects include history, languages (ancient and modern), literature, religion, philosophy, cultural studies, law, art and music among many others. Through the study of these subjects, we come to know what it really means to be human. We become equipped with knowledge on how we have managed to develop morally, spiritually and intellectually.

Humanities Tutors

Like with other subjects, there are many humanities tutors who offer tutorials to students who wish to enhance their humanity studies. While some tutors offer their services locally, others do so internationally, offering their services to students across the globe. The Internet has of late become the perfect place to find humanities tutors. Online tutorial services re in most cases offered by tutorial colleges who engage the service of humanities tutors charged with the responsibility of offering tutorial lessons to individual students.

Qualities of top humanities tutors

Although teachers of humanity subjects undergo the same training, not all of them perform at the same level. While some stand out as successful teachers who continuously produce results. Likewise, not all humanity teachers can be good humanities tutors. Top tutors of humanity subjects do have special qualities, some of which include:

Open mindedness – Top tutors of humanities do not impose their views or opinion on their students. They instead allow their students to explore. In this way, students have the opportunity to analyze and critic any confusing subject matter that they come across.
Creativity – Top humanities tutors are always creative in the way they offer tutorial lessons. The tutorial methodologies they employ allow their students to look at the past with the aim of identifying successes and failures. This informs how they handle different situations in the future.
Sense of humor – Humanity subjects are very interesting to teach. Top humanities tutors are known to have a deep sense of humor that their students find encouraging. Wit such humor, students are able to be attentive and can easily follow their tutorial lessons.
Interest – Like with teachers, tutors of humanity subjects do have a deep interest in the subjects. They not only offer tutorials for the sake of it but also enjoy offering the tutorial lessons.
Although generally considered as simple subjects, learning humanity subjects allows a student to have a different view of any situation and can easily make informed decisions, which is very critical in any industry.

Management Tutor

In business sense, management refers to the art of organizing groups of people and all the business activities involved for accomplishing a desired goal. In this regard, management involves planning, staffing, giving directions, and controlling how available resources of any kind are used. Such resources can be financial, human, technical, or natural resources.

There is no doubt that efficient management is required in all organizations including businesses, in government and companies. It is through proper management that desired results are realized within allocated budget plans and timelines.

Like with other study subjects, management is a wide field. There are different types of managers including financial, human, production and business managers amongst many others. Regardless of type, management personnel are normally categorized into three; first level managers (foremen, supervisors, section heads), middle level managers (general, departmental and branch managers) and top-level managers (CEOs, presidents and board of directors). Each of these groups of managers has specific roles to play in any organization.

Why Choose a Management Tutor

Although you are required to learn management principles in general when you start managerial studies, you are obligated to specialize in one area of your interest in the course of your studies. Because of the limited time spent in a regular class undertaking your studies, it becomes necessary to engage management tutor to enhance what you learn in class. Another reason why you may need to engage management tutor is that as tutor, they do not only have management knowledge but the experience as well. They are therefore in a good position to guide you in line with modern managerial techniques and principles.

How to Choose Management Tutors

Management tutor are available both locally and online. The fact that you can easily access one does not however mean that any can offer you quality management tutorial lessons. Below are just some of the factors that you need to take into account when choosing one:

Qualifications – It is very important to ascertain a tutor qualifications before you make any commitments. In particular, you need to engage a tutor whose area of specialization is similar to your management studies.
Experience – Because you need to receive quality management tutorial lessons, it is critical that you choose a management tutor with experience in management. Choosing one without any experience may robe you the opportunity to gain knowledge on what actually happens in the management field.
Flexibility – Depending on your situation, it may be very necessary to choose from management tutor who are flexible particularly in lesson times. The fact that you are normally engaged in another activity should not hinder you from receiving your tutorial lessons.
Cost – Your management tutorial lessons do not need to be expensive. There are professional management tutors who do not only levy affordable fees but also give you room to make payments in a customized structure.
These are just some of the factors that you need to take into account before you choose a management tutor to help you in your studies.

Welcome to the official website of Aabshar-e-Ilm Home Tutoring Agency! 

Aabshar-e-Ilm Tutoring Agency is operating in Karachi and Lahore and is dedicated in providing only the best home tutors available in the field of education. Our home tutor will approach you at your residence and offer the student one FREE demo class,after which the student will decide if they want the tutor to continue or if they want to meet another tutor. We let the student and the parents decide the best for their child. Our tutors teach in very reasonable amount but the fees charges varies from tutor to tutor,according to their experience and qualification and the time required to prepare the student. Currently we are providing well qualified and well versed private home tutors for all subjects,and for following classes/courses:

O / A Levels ( All Subjects Science and Commerce)
Pre-O levels.I-VIII,IX-XII (Science, General, Computer Science, Arts.)
Graduation (BCOM BBA ACCA BA BSc)
Language Courses. ( English / German / Urdu (for Foreigners).
TEFL/TOEFL / IELTS / TOFL / English Conversation
Computer Courses
Entry Test Preparation (College / University / Cadet College / CSS /PCS Etc)
SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)
PSAT (Pre-Scholastic Assessment Test)
ACT/GRE (American College Test/Graduate Record Exam)
SAT II (Advanced version of SAT)
SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test)
ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam)
AP (Advanced Placement)
IB (International Baccalaureate)
GED (General Education Diploma)
ASVAB (Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery)
CLEP (College Level Examination Program)

For the students of Karachi Grammar, Bayview High, D. H. A, Aga Khan, Beacon House, City, Mama Parsi, Foundation, Falcon house, Mama baby, and other famous setups through out Pakistan.

Contact : +92313-2287896
Email: faranjaffri@gmail.com 

Our Motto:

Service Above Self: We strictly believed in our motto and worked according to it, we are the leading online professional educationalist in Pakistan. The number of students is increasing day by day, the students and their parents are satisfied with our working and helping us in our promotion, they refer other students and families to join us. The situation has certainly boosted our moral and we pay more and more attention in the betterment of our services.
We hope you will enjoy visiting our website repeatedly and provide us positive feedback so that we can improve the quality of the stuff we are providing free online. This will certainly not only help your children but the children all over the globe, your positive feedback certainly is a help to them. 
E-mail us your query and get a reply ASAP!
or Dial +923132287896
Or fill our online inquiry form.
Block 8,Gulshan Iqbal,Karachi,Pakistan
Karachi, Sindh 74500

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We have the largest database of Pakistani tutors on the internet. 03132287896 Our tutors come from London, Dubai, Pakistan, UAE, KSA, India, USA.  For home tuition/tutors/teachers in Karachi we have available private tutors for home tuition in www.mbatutor.overblog.com Gulshan Iqbal, Gulistan-e-Johar, Defence, Clifton, DHA, Tariq Road,PECHS, Nazimabad,North Karachi, Maleer Cantt, Karachi Cantt, FB Area, Bufferzone, Abu Hasan Isphani Road, Shahr-e-Faisal, Airport areas, etc. 

Contact: +92313-2287896 , www.bbatutors.overblog.com

  Our tutors cover the following subjects in all key stages (KS2+ ), from primary school upwards: Accounting, Arabic, Art, Biology, Business studies, Chemistry, Child care, http://clicktutors20hours.blogspot.com/ , Computer science, Computing, Cookery, Crafts, Creative Writing, Economics, Engineering, English as a second language, English language & literature, Entrance level education, www.mbatutor.overblog.com , Environmental studies, 03132287896 , Film Studies, Finance, French, Geography, Graphics design,  History, Humanities, Social sciences, Languages,  Law,  Mathematics-applied/ pure, statistics, Media Studies, Music, Philosophy, Photography, Physics, Physiotherapy, Politics/ Government, Portuguese, www.mbatutor.overblog.com , Psychology, Reading & Writing skills, Religious Studies, Science, Singing/ Voice Training, Sociology,  Website design, Intermediate, FIA, ACCA, CA, BCOM, BBA, BA, O Level, A Level, Masters,MBA, 03132287896 , MCOM, SAT, IGCSE,GRE, Mathematics, Admath

Contact: +923132287896


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Home Tutor & Teacher Academy -Karachi 0313-2287896

Home Tutoring Services - Karachi & Lahore. We provide best home tutors and teachers for home tuition in Karachi and Lahore, for Nursery, KG, 1 to Class 9,Matric, Pre-Engineering, Inter Commerce, Pre Medical, BBA,BSC,BCOM, ACCA, CA, CAT, FIA, IELTS,MBA,Masters. Also best home tutoring services available for English Language courses and Computer courses. Covering areas Gulshan Iqbal, DHA, Clifton, Nazimabad, PECHS, Tariq Road, Bahadrabad, Johar, Malir,chemistry, alevel tuition, a-level tuition, a-level tutor in karachi, o-level tutor, o-level commerce, olevel science, olevel tutor, olevel tuition, olevel tuitions in karachi, gcse tutor, gcse teacher, cambridge tutor, school tutor, school jobs, vacancy in school, teach in school, part time jobs, jobs in karachi,search jobs in karachi, find a job,find a job in karachi,jobs in pakistan, teaching jobs, tutoring jobs, home tuition, teach home tuitions, hire a teacher, search a tutor, looking for a tutor, seeking a tutor in karachi, looking for a teacher in karachi, tutor academy in karachi, tuition center in karachi, lahore tutoring agency, defence tutors, urdu tutor, urdu language, urdu teacher, urdu tuition, islamic studies, islamiat teacher, islamic studies tutor, home tutor for islamiat, olevel islamiat, learn quran, teach quran, home tutoring, quran tutors, best tutor in karachi, home tutoring, home tutor in karachi, quran tutor in karachi, qari sahab, maulvi sahab, home tutor academy, tutor in clifton, chemistry tutor, olevel chemistry, alevel chemistry, home tutoring, GCSE tutor,0313-2287896, GCSE tuition, Mama parsi tutor, marsi parsi school, mama parsi teacher, mama parsi karachi, beaconhouse tutor, beaconhouse teacher, tutors from beaconhouse school, beaconhouse schooling, city school, city school karachi, PAF school, 0313-2287896 ,Tuition center, home tutor in karachi, home,tutor,academy,science teacher, chemistry tutor, SSC tutor, SSC teacher, Sindh board tutor, sindh board teacher, sindh board tuition, matric system, karachi, matric board, matric tutor, matriculation, matric teacher in karachi, matric tuition in karachi, class ten, class 10 teacher, home tutoring academy in karachi, commerce tutoring, commerce teacher, commerce tuition center, commerce tuition, icom tutor, intermediate tutor, inter teacher, inter commerce tutor, teaching jobs in karachi, tutor wanted, teach online,0313-2287896 , online tuition,online tutor, online assignment, online help, online work, online homework, online class, pakistani online tutor, tutor in UK, tutor in canada, home tutor in dubai, private tutor, home tuition center, private tuition center, home tutoring agency, MBBS tutor, MBBS teacher, MBBS in karachi, MBBS tuition, medical tutor, biology tutor, pre medical teacher, medical home tuition, teach online, home tutor, home tuition, olevel math tutor in karachi, accounting tutor, statistics tutor, stats teacher, stats tuition, inter stats, bcom stats tuition, bcom tutor, stats tutor, olevel stats, economics tutor, economics teacher, home tutor, olevel economics, mba tutor in karachi,mba tutoring, mba teacher, master in business communication, 0313-2287896 ,business, communication, english language, english courses, german language, arabic language, home tutoring, langauge courses in karachi, language institute in karachi, learn online english, Contact: +923132287896 (Farhan Jaffri)

Hire Home Tutor and Online Teacher in Karachi, Lahore, Pakistan | MBA, B.COM, BBA, O-level, A-level, IELTS, Spanish Language

Hire Home Tutor and Online Teacher in Karachi, Lahore, Pakistan | MBA, B.COM, BBA, O-level, A-level, IELTS, Spanish Language

AL Tutor Academy Karachi +92-313-2287896 Home Tutor in Karachi | O-level Home Teacher in DHA | A-level Private Teacher in Clifton | GCSE Home Tuition in Zamzama | Accounting Tutor in Karachi | Mathematics Coaching Classes in Karachi | Additional Math | IELTS Tutor in PECHS | English Language Tutor | MBA Tutorin Pakistan | Spanish Language Tutor | ACCA Home Tutor in Tariq Road | Inter Commerce…

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Defeat Coronavirus by staying at home and studying online! Call now +92-313-2287896

Instanteducator.com, an affiliate of Aabshar-e-ilm Tutor Agency, has started a #DefeatCoronaStudyOnline campaign to raise awareness about studying online. We are encouraging students not to stop their studies while at the same time playing a productive role in the fight against Coronavirus.

Through our quality database of online tutors, we are offering online education for all classes, subjects…

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Posted 18 weeks ago

Defeat Coronavirus by staying at home and studying online! Call now +92-313-2287896

Instanteducator.com, an affiliate of Aabshar-e-ilm Tutor Agency, has started a #DefeatCoronaStudyOnline campaign to raise awareness about studying online. We are encouraging students not to stop their studies while at the same time playing a productive role in the fight against Coronavirus.

Through our quality database of online tutors, we are offering online education for all classes, subjects…

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Defeat Coronavirus by staying at home and studying online! - Project by Instanteducator.com

Defeat Coronavirus by staying at home and studying online! – Project by Instanteducator.com

Instanteducator.com, an affiliate of Aabshar-e-ilm Tutor Agency, has started a #DefeatCoronaStudyOnline campaign to raise awareness about studying online. We are encouraging students not to stop their studies while at the same time playing a productive role in the fight against Coronavirus.

Through our quality database of online tutors, we are offering online education for all classes, subjects…

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Posted 18 weeks ago

Defeat Coronavirus by staying at home and studying online!

Instanteducator.com, an affiliate of Aabshar-e-ilm Tutor Agency, has started a #DefeatCoronaStudyOnline campaign to raise awareness about studying online. We are encouraging students not to stop their studies while at the same time playing a productive role in the fight against Coronavirus.

Through our quality database of online tutors, we are offering online education for all classes,…

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O-level A-level Home Tutor in Karachi 0313-2287896

O-level A-level Home Tutor in Karachi 0313-2287896

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O-level Accounting Home Tutor in DHA, Clifton, Zamzama, Nazimabad 0313-2287896

O-level Accounting Home Tutor in DHA, Clifton, Zamzama, Nazimabad 0313-2287896

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Aabshar-e-ilm Home Tutoring was established in 2007 with the aims of providing personal tuition and educational services of a high standard; for all ages, all levels, all subjects and for all individual needs. 

Now, as an organisation with a physical existence , we firmly believe that learning can be a positive experience – at whatever age. We work alongside children, students, parents, schools and colleges and together we aim to encourage, to build confidence, progress, understanding and success.

Our tutoring support can be a valuable part of the progression towards reaching full potential.

Reasons for tutoring: At various times in life, individual tutoring can be of great benefit.  It can make a huge difference to attitude, confidence, understanding and progress.

To have a tutor, who sits with you and who patiently explains and encourages you is an ideal way to learn. Our local schools and colleges do excellent work within the time and resources available, but they are not always able to offer such personal one-to one time.  www.mbatutor.overblog.com Private tutoring, whether it is just for a few lessons, for a term, a year, or for sustained, longer support, can be of priceless value to the individual and for their future.

Mr Farhan Jaffri, Founder and CEO of Aabshar-e-ilm


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